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Wikipedia page for parks in Redmond, Washington

 May 05, 2023      Stardate: 76806.4     Tagged as: Wikipedia OpenStreetMap(OSM)

This is not a very exciting post, but I wanted to document some progress I’ve made lately. In a desire to get out of the house and explore my new city, I’ve spent the past couple months documenting all the parks in my city. First, I mapped them in OpenStreetMap with all the complete tags. Here is an image created from this Overpass-Turbo query. The blue areas are City of Redmond parks and the red areas are King County parks within Redmond city limits.

Parks in Redmond, Washington

Then I took pictures of all the park signs and published them to wikimedia commons under a Creative Commons license. Here is a link to Category:Parks in Redmond, Washington where anyone can view or post their Redmond park images.

Finally, I created a wikipedia page titled Parks in Redmond, Washington with the images and data from the Redmond Parks Dept to share with the internet. It was a bit of work, but like I said, it was also an excuse to get out of the house on a Saturday when it wasn’t raining.