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Bulk Rename Photos to Date Taken with Exiftool

 March 25, 2022      Stardate: 75694.8     Tagged as: Exiftool Ubuntu

In this post I document the Exiftool bash command for renaming a folder of photo files according to their creation date/time. I like this because my wife’s phone saves images as “IMG_YYMMDD_XXXXX.JPG” and my phone saves images as “YYMMDD_XXXXX.jpg”. So this combination doesn’t allow me to sort a folder full of images according to filename properly. If I do any sort of editing on her images the ModifiedDate is changed and then I can’t even sort by that in the file explorer.

So here is the command:

exiftool '-filename<CreateDate' -d %Y%m%d_%H%M%S%%-c.%%le -ext jpg -r /mnt/Drive/Folder/    


Software Versions

This is an automated list of software versions used during the writing of this article.

Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS
Exiftool 11.88